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Sussurri, 2022. oil on linen copia.JPG

Painting allows me to express a poetic reflection on our existence, on the relationship between space and time and on the relationship between man and nature.


I use an evocative language, unveiling visions conjured up by my imagination: scenarios that are both intimate but at the same time universal. Each of my paintings is shrouded in a darkness which I consider to be a representation of our inner dimension, of mystery and of the eternal dimension.


I depict extended, open spaces, unconnected to our day and age. Suspended places inhabited by infinite time, which from the threshold of the present reconnect us to the archaic innocence of the very beginnings of the world, and which from the depths of the past, reflect possible future scenarios. An almost Eliotian wasteland, where time and space chase each other perpetually.


Lands uncontaminated by immortal concerns, and devoid of human beings. In Man's place, I include things, his objects. Archetypical and contemplative subjects, incapable of harming the world. They emerge from an alchemical, dark void to trace the invisible relationship between nature and our existence. Their gaze penetrates beyond the perceptible, beyond the loneliness we are now experiencing as never before. Their immobility creates a feeling of suspension, of stasis, of a slowing down that leads us to reflect on the precise moment in time we are living in and perhaps suggests a new kind of wider-ranging and deeper contact, with the natural order and with life itself.


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